GOLDEN ARCHES Development Corp. (GADC) has teamed up with the local government of Manila to provide employment opportunities to senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs) at McDonald’s branches in the city. “We commit to employ at least two senior citizens and one PWD across 40 restaurants in the city of Manila,” GADC Managing Director Margot B. Torres said during the memorandum of agreement signing on Wednesday. GADC President Kenneth S. Yang, in a statement on Wednesday, said they already have over 30 PWDs and senior citizens employed in other branches. “We are excited to have more senior citizens and PWDs assist in servicing our customers,” he said. Ms. Torres said they are working with the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of the Department of Labor and Employment for the expansion of the program in other areas. “We will work closely with the PESO so we will do this outside Manila. Yes there are plans to expand,” she said. Meanwhile, Mr. Yang met with Makati Mayor Abigail S. Binay on Monday for the possible hiring of up to 1,000 public senior high school (SHS) and special education (SpEd) students for its Makati branches. “The City of Makati welcomes this opportunity to enhance our partnership with McDonald’s Philippines through the hiring of additional student-trainees under our work immersion program,” Ms. Abby said in a statement from the city government. — Gillian M. Cortez