A SENATOR has filed a “designated survivor” bill to ensure government continuity in case of a terror attack, a major disaster and other “exceptional circumstances.”

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson’s Senate Bill 982 addresses instances when the president and his successors specified by the 1987 Constitution are killed.

The lawmaker said the measure seeks give an “exhaustive order of presidential succession” to ensure that the office of the president is never vacated.

Under the law, the line of presidential succession includes the vice-president, Senate president and House speaker.

In case of death or permanent disability of successors specified in the Constitution, the Lacson bill provides the most senior senator, based on the length of service, will be next in line. After him will be the most senior congressman and the Cabinet member designated by the president.

Before any public or private event attended by the president, vice-president and ranking officials, the president must appoint Cabinet member to be sequestered in a secret and secure location.

“In the event of an extraordinary circumstance resulting in the death or permanent disability of the president, vice-president and the officials mentioned, the designated member of the Cabinet shall act as president,” according to a copy of the bill.

The acting president’s official actions will remain effective unless revoked by the elected president within 90 days. — Vann Marlo M. Villegas