THE MUNICIPAL government of Kalibo is ready to receive challenge bids for the rehabilitation of the Kalibo Meat Plant’s principal slaughterhouse, which will also involve the operation and maintenance of the facility.
In a statement on Tuesday, the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Center said the local government is inviting bidders to submit proposals to proceed to a Competitive Challenge for the joint venture (JV).
The project was submitted as an unsolicited proposal of the Philippine Slaughterhouse Management Operation Inc, which received the original proponent status (OPS) on May 15, 2018 from the municipal government.
Under the procurement process of the PPP Center for a joint venture project, a competitive challenge has to be conducted by allowing other bidders to participate in the same proposal, with the following factors as bid parameters: highest concession fee, lowest government share, lowest cost to consumer, highest/lowest lease fee, etc.
The first stage for a JV is the evaluation of its proposal, then a negotiation on terms and conditions, then the third would be the competitive challenge.
According to the PPP Center, the negotiations between the Kalibo government and the original proponent were concluded last Feb. 19.
The original proposal has an estimated cost of P30 million for a concession period of 28 years.
Interested bidders should submit an Expression of Interest to participate in the challenge, as mandated by the Kalibo government’s PPP Code.
They must also purchase the tender documents and submit the requirements on or before Apr. 9. — Reicelene Joy N. Ignacio