THE SOUTH Korean government has assured that it is taking measures to bring back to their country the garbage-filled containers that entered the Mindanao Container Terminal in Misamis Oriental on July 21 and just recently reported. “The Government of the Republic of Korea — the Ministry of Environment, the Korea Customs Service, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs — has embarked on the investigation of a Korean exporter which caused a controversy in the Philippines this month; the Government stated that it would take measures to have the wastes in question be brought back to Korea soon as possible,” the Korean embassy in the Philippines said in a statement released on Thursday, Nov. 22. It reported that Korea’s Ministry of Environment and the Custom Service inspected on Nov. 16 the exporter of the waste, which is located in Pyeongtaek City. They found out that the exporter made a declaration on synthetic wastes in January this year. Further, the two Korean agencies also confirmed that the exported wastes did not go through proper recycling process and the required documents were forged. “Korean authorities will have the wastes in question be repatriated and properly disposed of and work to prevent recurrence of the problem,” it said. — Vince Angelo C. Ferreras