By Arjay L. Balinbin, Reporter
President Rodrigo R. Duterte said on Thursday, May 24, that not all jobs are for women.
The President made his remarks during the inauguration of the Davao River Bridge Widening Project in Davao City on Thursday evening.
Last week, Mr. Duterte also said that he will not choose a woman to be the next Ombudsman.
“I want someone who is admired by the people because of his integrity. Of course, it could not be a politician, especially not a woman,” he said.
Also in his speech on Thursday, the President took a swipe at the #BabaeAko Movement. The women’s rights group has said Mr. Duterte is anti-women.
Sabi ko nga ayaw ko ng babae. Nandyan naman ‘kami ay mga babae” [movement]. Mga babae nga kayo, so anong problema?” he said.
(I said I do not like women. Here comes this [movement]. Yes, you are women, so what is the problem?)
He explained that some jobs are not appropriate for women, because they are “prim and proper.”
Pag isang tingin lang sa nanay niya wala na, matunaw na ‘yan. Tapos gawain mo pulis…nako. (Just one look from their mothers, they will melt, and then you hire them as police, oh no.)
He stressed that he believes in women. However, he doubts their “competence and capability,” noting that they “cannot stand threats and intimidation.”
Pero hindi lahat sa buhay dapat…(Not all the time, they should be…) It’s not appropriate,” he added.