Filipino business leaders and professionals need to enhance their skills in artificial intelligence (AI) to adapt to the rapidly changing world of work where AI has a broad range of applications, according to LinkedIn.

“The fastest-growing AI-related skills among professionals in 2022 all hint at the emergence of generative AI, which is a form of AI that has a wide range of applications, including creating text, images, and audio as well as writing code,” the business and employment-focused social media platform said in an e-mailed statement on Thursday, citing its own study.

“We are now in an era driven by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence (AI), with new promises and accompanying challenges,” LinkedIn added.

This implies that the necessary skills for professional growth will also have to evolve.

LinkedIn said that it will be offering 100 learning courses on generative AI for free. 

These courses will be available in various languages and will be released over the next three months, starting March 16.

Courses cover the following topics:

  • Responsible AI: Principles and Practical Applications and Foundations of Responsible AI; Hands-On PyTorch Machine Learning and Advanced AI: Transformers for NLP using Large Language Models
  • Next Generation AI: An Intro to GPT-3, Power BI: Integrating AI and Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity
  • Applied AI for Human Resources, Tech On the Go: Ethics in A, and Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers
  • Artificial Intelligence for Marketing, Nano Tips for Using Generative AI Tools for Better Marketing Outcomes, and Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders, Mistakes to Avoid in Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy: Case Studies.

LinkedIn also said that it will be testing AI-powered job descriptions to help job posters find qualified candidates more quickly.