SAMSUNG PHILIPPINES launched this week its latest smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+. Both handsets feature Samsung’s bezel-less display with Super AMOLED screen. At P16,490, the A6 features a 5.6-inch diagonal screen, and 16-megapixel (MP) front- and rear cameras. It’s packed with 3 gigabyte (GB) RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A6+ (P22,990) features a 24-MP front camera and a 16MP + 5MP Professional Dual back camera. It features Live Focus to get that bokeh effect, letting the user adjust depth of field in one step, either as he’s taking the shot or after he has taken it. Samsung said the adjustable LED and selfie flash guarantee high-resolution photos, even in low-light. The A6 and A6+ are powered by Octa-Core 1.6 and 1.8 GHz processors, respectively. The devices will go on sale in June.