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Gov’t mulls ban on online sale of cigarettes, liquor

THE government may ban online sales of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages if sellers are found to have sold these so-called “sin” products to minors.

The Good Gin

GIN IS a drink that transcends classes and space. It could be found in the hands of cosmopolitans sipping classic G&Ts, or spilling on the streets from shots taken after work. A new gin called Archipelago by Full Circle Craft Distillers Co. shows off the full breadth of the Philippines, from all classes and spaces, distilled in a single bottle.

The fluidity of Glenfiddich

FLUIDITY, as a term, expresses the ability to change. Fluids take the shape of their containers; and can be seen in various forms, either in a liquid state, or as a solid or gas. Glenfiddich, as a single-malt whisky (and thus a fluid), is expected to do the same.

Have some not-so-great red wine? Add Coke

AS THE weeks wear on, and the comedown from Memorial Day, Pride Month, and the Fourth of July starts to settle in, there’s no better cure for summer ennui than a movie in the park. Thanks to inflatable screens and digital projectors, you don’t necessarily need to be in a big city to catch a classic with hundreds of your neighbors (although it helps). But you do need something to sip on as the late-evening sun slips below the horizon, and Back to the Future II starts rolling.

A choice of wine openers

OPENING wine bottles with cork closures can be quite challenging. And breaking a wine cork could be one of the most frustrating — and...

A great man from small beginnings

“Great things start from small beginnings.” This is probably one of the best catchphrases to portray the victorious journey of self-made billionaire Lucio C....

South Africa slings back the f ynbos-f lavored gin

JOHANNESBURG — Last year, gin consumption in South Africa grew by an astonishing 50%, to half a pint for every man, woman, and child. No wonder that distilleries are mushrooming, trying to give a colonial tipple a distinctive flavor of the fynbos.

There’s nothing cheap about Ginebra San Miguel

EVERY TIME someone judges me for reaching for a bottle of Ginebra San Miguel (because I’m not handling a more expensive bottle), I point out the gold seal on the label (itself a work by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo). The gold seal is a Monde Selection medal awarded by Brussels-based institution International Institute for Quality Selections. Ronald Molina, Assistant Vice-President and Marketing Manager for Ginebra San Miguel summarizes the sensation: “The only thing cheap about Ginebra San Miguel is the price.”

Campari to hold Negroni Week later this month

ITALIAN chic is captured in every glass of Negroni. The drink was first mixed in Florence with gin, vermouth, and Campari liqueur, requested by a count from his bartender (the drink was eventually named after the count, whose last name was Negroni).

The perfect punch for a Gay Pride Party combines vodka and...

THIS MONTH marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, an event widely regarded as the catalyst for the modern gay rights movement — and for those in the LGBTQ+ community as well as their allies, a prime time to celebrate.

US liquor industry sees no impact from legal weed

IT’S BEEN a persistent notion as marijuana restrictions across the US ease: Weed is bad for the alcohol industry because consumers who have access to legal cannabis drink less.

Bud Light wants you to know how many carbs are in...

BUD LIGHT is adding prominent nutrition labels to its beer packaging in a bid to tap consumer demand for more information about what’s in their food and drinks.

The gin for the new generation

A gin for a new generation has arrived. The iconic The BaR Premium Gin is here, with a fresh look to captivate a new...

DoF projects P61.3B in collections from higher sin taxes in 2020

THE DEPARTMENT of Finance (DoF) said that the government may raise an additional P61.3 billion worth of revenue in the second round of increased “sin” taxes proposed under its comprehensive tax reform program.

Second round of sin tax hikes seen to generate P61.3-B revenue...

THE DEPARTMENT of Finance (DoF) said the government may get an additional P61.3 billion revenues in the second round of sin tax hikes proposed...

Tanduay aims to enter Europe within 3-5 years

TANDUAY DISTILLERS, Inc. (TDI) looks to enter the European market within the next three to five years, as it scouts for opportunities to bring its rum brand overseas.

Tanduay overtakes Bacardi as world’s best-selling rum brand

SALES of Tanduay rum in Visayas and Mindanao fueled Tanduay Distillers, Inc. (TDI)’s performance in 2017, allowing it to overtake international brand Bacardi in a world ranking of top-selling rum brands by think tank Drinks International.

Emperador pushing brandy into international markets

Emperador, Inc. targets a 30-35% growth in volume for its Fundador brand this year on the back of positive prospects for both the emerging...

Fundador unveils first cafe in Taguig

Fundador, Spain’s largest and oldest brandy company which has been operating in the Philippines for about 120 years, opened on Wednesday, April 4, its...

A taste of Negros

LIQUIDS DISTILLED in a certain place contain a piece of the land within them. In every bottle swims a record of time and space....

Emperador net profit up

EARNINGS of Emperador, Inc. climbed 18% in the third quarter amid the company’s efforts to bring in new products both in its local and...

Keeping it neat

A TIPPLE or two (or even three) simply wouldn’t do. Not when there was a ballroom full of booths from where spirits were arrayed...

Getting well-oiled: booze in the age of the robo-barman

LOS ANGELES – As Tipsy methodically unfolds an arm to select a glass, retrieve ice and mix a drink, it’s all a far cry...