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Whiskey, mezcal, amaro, gin, vodka, rum:2018’s Best Booze

THE YEAR 2018 was an eventful one, no matter where you looked. This is no less true in the spirits world. Even as cannabis continued to boom as an intoxicant of choice and manufacturers pivot to weed beer, there have been innovations in almost every type of booze, from Japanese gin to bartender-made brandy to a Danish spirit from a team of Noma alums that defies categorization.

The gin for the new generation

A gin for a new generation has arrived. The iconic The BaR Premium Gin is here, with a fresh look to captivate a new...

The tough monkey to get off your back

I TRIED my first Monkey 47 gin tonic in Singapore a few years back, and despite a rather stiff price tag of around SG$18/cocktail...

The best gin joint in the world

IF YOU are like me, one of those newcomer gin lovers, then the six-month-old Atlas Bar in not so far away Singapore is a...