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Duterte eases overseas travel ban on health workers

President Rodrigo R. Duterte has eased an overseas travel ban on Filipino nurses and other medical workers to allow more to take jobs abroad, his spokesman said on Monday, as his government believes it has its coronavirus outbreak under control.

Digital bayanihan on Facebook in the time of Covid-19

Digital bayanihan, in the time of COVID-19, is being manifested in all forms on Facebook.

MyKuya connects 1,000 jobseekers in online job fair, targets 15,000 more

Over the month of March, MyKuya has created job opportunities for nearly 10,000 people. Their recent job fair alone saw about 1,000 jobseekers on the platform in under 45 minutes.

RapidPassPH turned over to government agencies for full adoption

Built to streamline movement for essential workers and goods, the RapidPassPH was, this week, handed over to government agencies for full implementation.

ZEN Rooms offers free lodging to frontliners during COVID-19 crisis

ZEN Rooms partners with the Philippine General Hospital to offer free lodging to the latter’s medical frontliners this month.

Globe turns over 1,000 preloaded mobile phones to the country’s frontliners

Globe continues to support the connectivity needs of those at the forefront of the country’s COVID-19 response efforts by turning over 1,000 mobile phones...

Filipino tech experts, DOST partner for rapid COVID-19 checkpoint verification

The DOST partners with DCTx to launch RapidPassPH, a quick verification system that aims to remove congestion, speed up vital deliveries, and protect frontliners via contact-free verification through Metro Manila’s 56 COVID-19 checkpoints.

Dashboard (04/06/20)

Ford partners with GE Healthcare to produce 50,000 ventilators 100 days Ford Motor Company, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, announced today it will begin producing...

Rapid Pass for checkpoints for front liners developed

THE government and the private sector have developed a way to make the checkpoint process of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) easier for front liners. The government teamed up with the non-profit organization Developers Connect Inc. (DevCon) to help create the Rapid Pass system which was launched on Friday afternoon.

Helping frontliners through HelpThru’s ONE for ONE project

Charitable organization HelpThru is gathering medical supplies to donate to local healthcare frontliners through their ONE for ONE Project.