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Feeling pressured to buy Christmas presents? Read this (and think twice...

Christmas marks a peak in consumerism across the West. Despite the COVID downturn, this Christmas the spending frenzy is unlikely to be dampened.

Pandemic-caused recession leads to drop in meat consumption

By Mariel Alison L. Aguinaldo Consumers are buying less expensive cuts of their preferred meat or scrapping meat from their diet altogether, said global food...

The virus is still sapping China’s $6 trillion power to consume

Three months after China started to emerge from its coronavirus restrictions, its army of shoppers that help power the global economy are still nervous of travel, reticent to spend, and forming habits that may change the face of consumption permanently.

Fixing the food system through ‘responsible consumption’

The existing three-step linear food system—food production, marketing, and consumption—is dysfunctional. Consumers are at the core of this food system and their behavior thus influences its outcome. For the system to be fixed, a fourth step—waste management—and circularity need to be established.

A consumption-driven economy

Consumer spending has traditionally been the driving force behind the growth of the Philippine economy in recent years, with households contributing majority of aggregate...

Charting the future of the oil sector

There is nothing that has been more crucial to the development of the modern age than the oil industry. Its importance led to the...

China economic growth shored up by consumption as industry eases

China’s economic expansion held up amid robust consumer spending, underpinning global growth and giving authorities room to purge excessive borrowing, while the industrial sector...