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IMF urges BoJ to target shorter maturity yields to ease strain

TOKYO — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged the Bank of Japan (BoJ) to consider steps to ease the strains caused by its ultra-loose policy on financial institutions, such as targeting a shorter maturity for its long-term bond yield target.

BoJ board debated near-term stimulus in Sept.

TOKYO — Bank of Japan (BoJ) policy makers debated the feasibility of ramping up stimulus in the near future when they met for a rate review in September, a summary of their opinions showed on Monday, as intensifying overseas risks cloud the economic outlook.

In a fracturing world, the biggest central banks still stuck together

WASHINGTON/TOKYO/FRANKFURT — The last time major central banks shifted gears together, it was a cooperative move to keep the financial crisis of a decade ago from becoming a full-bore, worldwide depression.

BoJ’s dilemma spurs speculation

JAPAN’S CENTRAL BANK, long a pioneer in pushing the envelope of monetary policy in its campaign to stimulate the economy, may yet add to its record of innovation.

BoJ policy maker warns against ‘reckless’ easing

SHIZUOKA, Japan — Bank of Japan (BoJ) policy maker Makoto Sakurai on Thursday warned against “recklessly” ramping up stimulus just to prop up prices, blaming soft inflation on structural factors that were positive for the economy.

BoJ keeps policy steady, trims inflation outlook

THE BANK of Japan (BoJ) left monetary policy unchanged as it cut its inflation outlook once again, underscoring how far away its price target is and how few options the central bank has for drawing closer.

BoJ’s tweaks do little for moribund bonds

JAPAN’S benchmark bonds recorded no trades on Wednesday, less than a month after the central bank sought to enliven the world’s second-biggest debt market by relaxing yield control.

BoJ keeps upbeat view on regional Japan with Kuroda confident on...

TOKYO — The Bank of Japan (BoJ) maintained its upbeat economic assessment for all nine regions of the country on Monday and its governor voiced confidence that inflation will head toward his two percent target, suggesting that monetary policy will be on hold for the time being.