Offices have gone into what is considered as the greatest experiment in work when the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic has forced organizations to shift into a remote work setting. As the perks and challenges of working from home are being explored by multiple workforces during this crisis, enabling and maximizing productivity at home is a very significant thing to discover by many employees.

Remote work has been noted for its benefits to employees. In fact, it has been considered to be more productive than office work.

Gig economy platform Airtasker has found out from its survey ( that remote employees worked 1.4 more days every month (or 16.8 more days every year) than those who worked in an office. Within those workdays, they spent more time getting things done.

While office workers reported an average of 37 minutes each workday not getting work done (outside of lunch and standard breaks), remote employees only lost 27 minutes of each workday to distractions.

It cannot be denied, nonetheless, that getting productive at home is not easily achievable for many.

Airtasker’s research showed that more office workers (71%) find it easy to focus during the workday than remote workers (61%).

Another study ( also suggests that working in a less-structured remote environment makes one better at creative tasks and worse at what is considered “dull” tasks.

Considering as well that employees are not working from home on their own and that their environment at home might not be usually conducive to perform tasks compared to an office, it is crucial to find ways on how one can be productive at home.

Experts advise, among other things, finding a dedicated space for work, setting a daily work strategy, and making use of tools that can enhance a team’s communication and productivity.

Aruba believes that maintaining productivity in a disrupted business environment is a must. That’s why it offers network solutions that let companies ensure business continuity safely, securely, and connectively.

Aruba Remote Access Solutions helps employees stay connected and productive wherever they work and through any device they work with.

With an easy plug-and-play installation for non-IT and business users, Aruba Remote Access Solutions can be pre-configured to let employees use access points by simply plugging in to any internet connection.

Also, it lets IT departments of offices securely extend the corporate enterprise network or internal network connection to any mobile devices, laptops, or even in-home network.

Through the solution’s Seamless Application Access, your corporate applications can work remotely without the need for user retraining or additional software.

Ensuring security, it has role-based policy enforcement and authentication for each user and device.

Its system and management tools feature built-in reporting and compliance auditing to help meet regulatory mandates.

For its key features and capabilities, Aruba Remote Access Solutions is massively scalable to meet the needs of even the largest workforce.

Aruba Remote Access Solutions comes with a single-gang wall-box accessory for primary hospitality deployment and a desk mount accessory for primary remote/branch deployment.

Get value-for-money connectivity with Aruba Remote Solutions Bundles for as low as P10,800.

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