Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu

The most successful leaders tend to share a common trait: they commit their entire being to every endeavor. For Ernest Cu, there is no separating his role as a devoted family man from his position at the helm of one of the nation’s largest companies. His two lives are deeply intertwined.

As President and CEO, Cu’s stewardship led to Globe’s meteoric rise to becoming the country’s top mobile service provider. At home, the father of three has helped raise a tight-knit brood teeming with diverse talents and ambitions.

Cu’s steady hand at the boardroom is an extension of the nurturing heart beating within the home. These parallel universes aren’t separate silos for the long-time executive, but rather a seamless coalescence.

Ernest, the executive who works at The Globe Tower is the same loving father who cherishes annual out-of-the-country vacations, summer beach trips, and showing up for his children’s life milestones, no matter how demanding his job is.

The profound intersection of family and leadership forms the very fabric of Ernest’s legacy. Being a relationship-driven person, this deep reverence for human connections has been his guiding principle, a counterweight to the corporate world’s oft-singular pursuit of the bottom line.

In photo are (standing, from left) Ari Cu, daughter in-law; Martin Cu, second child; Arianna Cu, youngest child; Henry Maccready, boyfriend of Arianna; Cris Cu-Seisa, eldest child; and Tristan Seisa, son in-law. Seated are Arlene Cu; Parker Cu, son of Martin & Ari; and Ernest Cu.

“Keeping the family together is as important as keeping the whole team together. There’s a lot of similarities. You motivate your kids, you also motivate your colleagues and the people who work for you. You always want the best for everybody in the same way you want the best for your family,” he shared.

Cu’s most crucial lessons about cultivating strong bonds were handed down to his ultimate mentees — his kids. His children — Cristina Victoria, Martin Angelo and Arianna Marie — may have been raised under the same roof, yet each blossomed into distinct individuals with unique personalities. He would adapt his communication style depending on who he’s talking to, and this has proven effective in creating and strengthening relationships.

This hard-earned wisdom about recognizing individuality within a group has been invaluable for the CEO when collaborating with Globe’s thousands of employees. Just as Cu aims to foster an enriching environment at home, he works tirelessly to maximize every team member’s potential and create conditions for them to thrive professionally.

For Cu, focused leadership isn’t about cold domination from an ivory tower. It’s about creating authentic relationships, rich legacies, and a nurturing environment that empowers each individual to flourish and unite the group as one.

As Father’s Day 2024 dawns, Cu looks forward to creating special moments with his children and grandchildren, including a trip to his favorite place in Italy this month. In these precious interludes, the truth he’s learned through fatherhood rings clearest — that investing wholeheartedly in relationships, whether personal or professional, is the greatest undertaking of all.


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