Globe subscribers can leverage their hard-earned Globe Rewards points to access Singlife's comprehensive 3-in-1 Protection Plan.

Globe Telecom and Singlife Philippines, a mobile-first life insurer, are igniting a revolution in rewards redemption with a groundbreaking partnership.

This historic collaboration empowers millions of Filipinos to unlock healthcare protection with just a few taps on their mobile phones. With this partnership, Globe subscribers can leverage their hard-earned Globe Rewards points to access Singlife’s comprehensive 3-in-1 Protection Plan.

Democratizing healthcare access for a healthier nation

Previously costing 50 points, the 3-in-1 Protection Plan is now dramatically more affordable, requiring only 5 Globe Rewards points. This shift in accessibility empowers Filipinos nationwide to prioritize their well-being and build a financial safety net against unforeseen medical emergencies due to Dengue, COVID-19 and accidents.

Expanding reach, elevating rewards

“At Singlife, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of empowering Filipinos to not only dream of a healthier future but actively build it. This groundbreaking partnership with Globe Telecom is a monumental leap forward. By leveraging the vast reach of Globe and dramatically reducing the cost of essential healthcare protection, we are unlocking a healthier future for millions of Filipinos,” says Sherie Ng, executive director of Singlife Philippines.

“This is more than just a rewards program; it’s a social movement that dismantles barriers and paves the way for a nation where financial security and physical well-being go hand-in-hand.”

Jerome Patalud, head of Globe Rewards, adds: “This collaboration with Singlife elevates the value of your Globe Rewards points. Now, our subscribers can unlock valuable and affordable financial protection plans for themselves and their families with just 5 Globe Rewards points—no cash out, no paperwork required. This is a truly unique offering made possible through our partnership with Singlife.”

Empowering a healthier future for all Filipinos

This groundbreaking collaboration between Singlife and Globe Telecom demonstrates the power of collaboration in democratizing access to essential services.

Globe customers can redeem their Singlife 3-in-1 Protection Plan using their Globe rewards points until May 15 through the Globe One App.

To see how easy it is to claim your 3-in-1 Protection Plan using Globe rewards points, watch this video.

To learn more about Singlife Philippines, visit or view the products on GCash under GInsure.


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