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Investors summit to unveil the ‘power of ESG investing’

With the recent local and global events placing greater pressure on responsible investing, ESG is shifting with more mandatory disclosures and increased stakeholder scrutiny. As the momentum around ESG continues to grow, so does the challenge of keeping up to date with increasing regulatory and market demands.

Taking place on May 14, 2024 at Solaire Resort Entertainment City, the 2nd Philippine ESG Investors Summit aims to convene over 150 senior-level executives and stakeholders to engage in discussions about the challenges facing the industry, and to share solutions and collaborate with sustainably focused investors to come away with actionable insights on current trends that are shaping the ESG landscape.

The 2nd Philippine ESG Investors Summit is also set to showcase interactive panel discussions and engaging keynotes covering core themes of the ESG space including:

  • Critical role of ESG investing in biodiversity preservation
  • Effects of ESG quality disclosure in both voluntary and mandatory regimes
  • ESG in the new normal of volatile global supply chains
  • Importance of index providers, standard-setting and green indices for the creation of sustainability impact
  • Key drivers of ESG within the context of geopolitics, energy crisis and inflation
  • Leveraging ESG frameworks towards a just transition
  • Net-zero pathway and the role of investors
  • Rapid growth of sustainable finance in emerging markets
  • Regulators’ perspectives on ESG disclosure for funds and corporates
  • Understand investor engagement trends and rise of investor proxy activism

For more information, you may visit https://pcm-asia.org/2esgph.


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