Founded 75 years ago, the Philippine Airlines Interclub — also known as the PAL Interclub — is the country’s longest-running, largest and most prestigious golf team competition. It is widely acknowledged as the national golf clubs championship of the Philippines.

The PAL Interclub is known for its high level of competition and the strong team spirit and fellowship among its players. At its core, the PAL Interclub is all about gathering golf aficionados from across the country and overseas for an annual reunion, where they could renew old friendships and gain new ones. Participants return year after year, not so much as to win the championship, but to enjoy fellowship and tradition.

There are no grand prizes in the PAL Interclub; instead, there is only the honor of playing with some of the best golfers in the land. This, plus the remarkable camaraderie among its players in its 75-year history, has imbued the PAL Interclub with a unique character, making it an enduring institution of Philippine golf. The tournament takes on an added shimmer for its diamond year edition in 2024 with the return of the top golf clubs across the country and the rest of the world.

Adding to PAL’s brilliant legacy in this year’s Interclub is the Del Monte Golf Club, who won the Seniors title. Led by playing captain Yoyong Velez, the team dethroned the defending champions, the Luisita Golf and Country Club.

“We are happy and elated to have won the Seniors Division title this year. We have been part of this tournament for decades, and I can imagine, even from the very beginning,” shared Velez. “We will continue to support [the PAL Interclub,] which has brought a lot of fun and camaraderie among golfers all over the world.” 

Another brilliant finish at the PAL Interclub was Manila Southwoods’ win at the Men’s Regular Invitational. Overcoming a five-point deficit and winning by 13 points over Eastridge, the club worked hard for its ninth PAL Interclub title, as it was the first time that they had to come from behind to finish at the top of the podium.

“This is what makes the victory sweet,” said Southwoods captain Thirdy Escano. “Even when we fell behind by 13 points after the first round, I knew that we could come back.”

Completing the winners’ circle are the Cebu Country Club in the Founders Division, Zamboanga Golf in the Aviator division, West Highlands Butuan in the Sportswriters division, and the Edwin Andrews Air Base in the Friendship division.

These stories of victory and the successful staging of the 75th PAL Interclub will definitely leave a brilliant legacy for Philippine Airlines, setting the tone for the tournament’s bright future in the years to come.


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