Coming home safe and healthy – that’s the Tamang Alaga way. For Filipinos, family is more than a word; it’s our way of life. It’s a country where familial bonds are not just strong but often the cornerstone of one’s life.

Filipinos hold a strong sense of responsibility for the well-being of their loved ones, making it a top concern. Acknowledging this ingrained cultural value, Tamang Alaga has made dedicated efforts to support employees and their families in accessing to quality medicines with the help of their employers.

Filipino Values in Action: Tamang Alaga‘s Holistic Employee Care

Tamang Alaga, a name synonymous with quality healthcare, is redefining the standards of employee well-being in the Philippines. Their efforts extend not only to employees, but also to their families, generating a far-reaching wave of care and support that go well beyond the confines of the workplace.

At the heart of Tamang Alaga‘s approach is a collaborative platform that aims to provide reliable access to the best value, quality medicines, and credible health information. Their mission is clear: to reach the working population between 20-65 years old and offer them more convenient access to quality medicines, and credible health information.  To achieve this, Tamang Alaga partners with companies, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), corporate clinics, diagnostic clinics, and hospitals.

Several companies now rely upon Tamang Alaga for the health and well-being of both their employees and their respective families. Two recent additions to Tamang Alaga‘s trusted partners include Yokogawa and Centro Escolar University (CEU).

Here’s some information about these companies and some details on how their employees benefit from the program:

  • Yokogawa Techno Philippines, Inc. (YPI) leverages advanced technology in information systems, controls, production support, and instrumentation, serving an array of industries, including oil and petrochemical processing, power generation, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Yokogawa places a strong emphasis on employees’ physical health, as evident in its initiatives in providing workplace enhancements, and health programs. In line with its commitment to employee vitality, Yokogawa has made access to medicines, including those requiring prescriptions, even more accessible.

  • On the other side, Centro Escolar University, a cherished cornerstone of educational excellence in our country, has dedicated itself to continually elevating its curricula and facilities. Its unwavering focus on fostering a talented and dedicated teaching faculty and university staff has allowed this esteemed institution to shine as a beacon of education for more than a century.

One secret to long-term success in the academic industry is the commitment to caring for employees. Centro Escolar University (CEU) is committed to this principle and has taken proactive steps to prioritize the well-being of both its teaching and non-teaching staff. By launching self-care programs, CEU provides employees time for self-reflection and personal well-being assessment. As a trailblazer in the academic world, CEU embraces change and consistently seeks workplace improvements.

Part of CEU’s ongoing effort to enhance the employee experience is its partnership with Tamang Alaga. The CEU and Tamang Alaga partnership represents a significant milestone in their overarching goal to ensure that their employees have access to high-quality medicines. This step toward employee care will help strengthen the university’s operations while fostering a thriving workforce.

Lightening the Load: Sharing the Family Burden

Tamang Alaga‘s commitment to caring for employees and their families takes the form of numerous initiatives. Its core program is on the Employee Medicine Program. This program encourages compliance by making medicines more affordable.

Photo from Grupong Tamang Alaga

To enhance the employee experience, each company has its own microsite powered by Tamang Alaga. Through these microsites, employees can easily purchase the medicines they need without hassle. The meticulous quality control testing conducted by Tamang Alaga ensures that the medicines from their partners are of the highest quality.

But why choose Tamang Alaga?

Simple. It is because they provide access to quality medicines that do not just treat illnesses but promote overall well-being. They encourage compliance with maintenance medicines and vitamins. The ultimate goal is better health outcomes for the entire workforce and families.

When employees feel that their employers genuinely care for their families, it fosters a workplace culture defined by genuine, heartfelt dedication and a strong sense of pakikipagkapwa or shared humanity. This approach creates a web of emotional support that not only enriches their health but changes them for the better.

The Tamang Alaga Way doesn’t just offer employee benefits; it represents a deep appreciation for the profound role of family in Filipino lives. By extending care and support to the employees’ family businesses, they create a nurturing community.

Tamang Alaga remains committed to its core values, beyond the advantages it provides. As a result, partner companies can confidently entrust their affairs to the capable and trustworthy hands of Tamang Alaga.

Here are the core values of Tamang Alaga.

TAMANG KAALAMAN (Right Information): The foundation of our journey begins with the right understanding of disease prevention, management, and available solution options.

TAMANG GABAY (Proper Guidance): This critical path offers guidance on supplementation and medicine compliance, ensuring that we stay on the right track to optimal health.

TAMANG EHERSISYO AT PAHINGA (Proper Exercise & Rest): Discover the balance between appropriate rest and exercise tailored to your age and condition, promoting physical well-being.

TAMANG NUTRITION (Proper Nutrition): Nourish your body with the correct nutrition for overall health and robust disease prevention.

TAMANG PAGSUSURI (Knowing When to See a Physician): Our journey wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the role of doctors as our partners in maintaining wellness and managing existing conditions.

Now, it’s your turn to join this community of care and support. In a world where the health of your employees and their families is vital, make a wise choice, just as the top companies mentioned have done. Let Tamang Alaga lead the way in elevating the health of your workforce.

Extend the care beyond office walls with Tamang Alaga. For inquiries, concerns, or assistance, they can be reached at


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