MG Philippines releases new music video for original song

More than simply meaning returning to one’s abode after a long day outside, “coming home,” for many, has meant recalling one’s roots amid the progress in one’s course and even obtaining a sense of fulfillment in one’s personal journey.

Such ideas are what car company MG Philippines aims to highlight through the brand’s first original song “Coming Home,” coupled with a new music video. “Coming Home” by MG Philippines aims to showcase the value of togetherness and embarking on an extraordinary journey through life with friends and family. The electro-pop tune highlights the key message of the journey of coming home to family and friends, which is a key experience among many Filipinos who are very family-centric.

“Coming Home” also captures MG Philippines’ brand tagline “Expect Extraordinary,” and the brand’s promise of offering modern, safe, and attainable mobility options for Filipinos all over the country, and a reliable partner on their journeys back to their loved ones.

The fun and heartwarming music video, moreover, juxtaposes road trips and physical travel with the journeys that we all take in life as individuals. Appealing to Filipinos’ love of traveling and beautiful scenery, the music video is based on the concept of traveling, togetherness, the realization of one’s dreams and goals, and obtaining a sense of fulfillment once these dreams or goals are achieved.

The storyline opens with three friends embarking on a car trip in the popular MG ZS Crossover SUV, proceeding to show various land and waterscapes, while also framing flashbacks of the protagonists’ childhood memories. The video culminates by showing the dreams of the protagonists becoming reality.

The “Coming Home” music video illustrates the “road of life” as it exhibits the different paths that the protagonists took in search of their own personal goals. The story revolves around the idea of coming home itself: that regardless of the different road of life everyone takes, it will always lead back to togetherness.

“Coming Home” also champions the significance of friendship and sharing success with the people who matter the most, while expressing how oneness and togetherness are key instruments towards success. The depiction of the “road of life” is a way to gain new connections by building new memories and also reminiscing at the same time.

With the goal of helping Filipinos immerse themselves in the automotive world, MG Philippines presents itself as an instrument that will help them arrive at their dream destinations and achieve their life goal.

The “Coming Home” music video by MG Philippines can be watched on YouTube (MG Philippines) and Facebook (OfficialMGPhilippines).


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