Syngenta Participations AG, a company organized and existing in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, of Rosentalstrasse 67, CH-4058 Basel, is a member of the Syngenta Group, which is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of agri-business and is involved in crop protection and seeds.

Syngenta Group considers effective Intellectual Property (IP) protection essential to encourage innovation. To be effective, any IP system must maintain the right balance between the needs of society and the interests of the inventor. We protect and assert our IP rights rigorously and will respect the IP rights of others in accordance with local laws.

Syngenta has obtained IP rights (such as granted invention patents and trademarks) in several countries for its crop protection products or pesticides, including in the Philippines.

As the IP rights holder in the Philippines, Syngenta has the exclusive right to, among others, prevent third parties from making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing products protected byitsIPrightsin the Philippines, without authority from Syngenta.

These exclusive IP rights of Syngenta, or of any other IP rights owner, remain the case notwithstanding the grant by the relevant government entity of licenses or certificates of registration for crop protection products or pesticides, as the government agency which has sole jurisdiction over intellectual property rights matters is the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

This hereby serves as notice to the public that Syngenta will not hesitate to take legal action, including but not limited to the institution of civil and criminal actions, to protect and enforce its IP rights and, if no appropriate agreement is reached, to prosecute all those involved in the infringement thereof.