THE IRONMAN Group and Sunrise Events are going back to the place where everything started for them — the province of Camarines Sur where they first staged the first internationally renowned IRONMAN brand races in the Philippines back in 2009.

And the race they are staging is the 5i50 Triathlon that would start at the Lago del Rey and end in front of the Camsur Convention both inside the Camsur Water Sports Complex on Aug. 6.

“We need to have something familiar, something homey and something that we have to do again post-COVID-19 and thanks to the father and son look alike, we’ll be having it back in Camsur,” said The IRONMAN Group general manager Princess Galura during yesterday’s online launch referring to host Camsur Second District Congressman L-Ray Villafuerte and his son Camsur Governor Luigi.

Both the Villafuertes vowed to make the race something to remember again just like 13 years ago when they hosted the first of three IRONMAN 70.3 races in the Bicol province considered as the country’s sports adventure capital.

“I always say we’re happy it’s coming back to Camsur and we’re making sure it would be bigger, better and more fun and we will be warmer and we’ll give you more love from the province of Camsur if you come here,” said L-Ray.

“The general feeling is I’m excited,” Luigi, for his part, said. “I’m comfortable that our team is already set in place and the same people who helped us in 2009 are still with us today and I’m confident if we’ve done it in the past, we’re ready for it now because we’ve developed more the facilities that is really centered on catering to the triathlon crowd.”

Around a couple of thousands participants including at least 300 from the region are seeing action in the Olympic standard (1.5 kilometers swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run), the shorter Go for Gold Sunrise Sprint race (400 meters swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run).

And to celebrate the race’s return, organizers have invited the legends or the “OGs” of the sport including former national champions Ani de Leon-Brown, Arland Macasieb, Noy Jopson, Ernie Lopez and Go for Gold’s Jeremy Go among others.

“It is exciting to come back to where we started, in the past 15 years, we have been witness to so many milestones and achievements of the participants,” said Ms. Galura. “The growth of the community choosing a healthy lifestyle has been incredible.”

Aside from the perks for the CamSur Alumni and TriClub teams enjoy, a 5150 package discount is offered to any registrant who will race the three destinations this year. Instead of paying $495, the participant will save $95 in the promo. Aside from this, groups of five can avail of a 4+1 Group Discount promo for any of the 5150 & Go for Gold Sunrise Sprint Philippines races in 2023, with the first 20 groups to register to receive a free bike jersey for each destination. — Joey Villar