As an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled predictive platform, Betterteem Technologies, Inc. is on a mission to help Philippine business process outsourcing (BPO) companies mitigate unwanted employee resignations using AI, which is causing over $1 billion dent in the industry’s annual revenue.

With its recent graduation from Techstars in Israel, Betterteem has secured funding to further develop its technology to address a major talent pain point that impacts the growth of BPO companies in the Philippines.

“Our technology allows operation and human resource (HR) leaders to anticipate employee resignations before they happen,” said Founder and CEO Bo Discarga. “We digest massive amounts of employee data from the existing data of our client’s HR system, such as compensation, performance reviews, and individual job function, and their demographics, enabling us to deliver our prediction of people heading for the door.”

AI has the potential to assume a pivotal role in improving employee experience and predicting attrition volumes, thereby enhancing resource demand planning. AI can detect early indicators of employee dissatisfaction, resignation intents, and recommend training requirements, enabling proactive intervention.

Now operating in the Philippines and South Korea, Betterteem is greatly focusing on mitigating unwanted employee resignations in the Asia-Pacific region. Betterteem AI concentrates on launching features and technologies that are focused on arming operation and HR leaders with data and insights that enable them to understand the underlying drivers of unwanted resignations in their organizations and model the results of the actions they are planning to take.

With a free trial, an AI-enabled technology, and an employee benefits app, Betterteem is helping BPO companies enhance employee experience, and predict unwanted resignations, resulting in improved employee retention.