Business-to-business tech company Growsari commemorates its 7th year of empowering micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) nationwide.

Since its inception in 2016, Growsari has been revolutionizing the retail ecosystem of mom-and-pop stores, more known as sari-sari stores, by providing comprehensive tech solutions to transform them into efficient and competitive retail establishments. Growsari’s vision started with a noble mission — to uplift the lives of local store owners and bridge the gap between traditional retail and modern technology.

Through their innovative platform, Growsari has been instrumental in enabling over 250,000 sari-sari stores across the country, spanning 24 key cities and 400 municipalities. Recently, Growsari has expanded its reach to previously untapped regions, including the provinces of Isabela in North Luzon and Bais, Dumaguete in Visayas, making their impactful presence felt in even more communities.

“We are thrilled with the expansion of Growsari and the opportunity it brings to more stores nationwide,” Growsari’s SariMart General Manager Maimai Madrid-Punzalan.

She added their e-commerce business arm, SariMart, provides customers with the fastest selling consumer goods at distributor prices with the convenience of next-day delivery.

“Now, even more MSMEs can benefit from our comprehensive range of quality goods, helping them compete and thrive in the market,” she added.

Through its financial services arm SariPay, Growsari continues its commitment to assist MSMEs to adapt to the age of digitalization and to modernize their store operation by providing local stores with cutting-edge QRPH payment solutions, enabling seamless and cashless transactions for their customers. Through SariPay, everyone in the community can easily scan and pay, revolutionizing the way business is conducted in traditional mom-and-pop stores. The initiative, in support of BSP’s goal for a cashless society, has already gained significant traction to sari-sari stores, with over 20,000 stores having their own Digital QR.

Growsari also extends a helping hand to entrepreneurs facing cash flow constraints with their innovative “buy now, pay later” program through Elista of SariPay. This forward-thinking approach allows store owners to stock up on inventory and grow their businesses without undue financial strain.

“We are delighted to witness a growing number of stores embracing digitalization with the help of SariPay’s payment solutions, including QRPH and Elista. As we continue to expand our reach and offerings, we are committed to help more than 100,000 stores adapt to digitalization by the end of the year. Together, we are shaping a more efficient and tech-savvy future for Filipino businesses,” SariPay General Manager Sandeep Bhalla added.

Growsari’s platform has garnered accolades for its transformative impact on small retail enterprises, streamlining inventory management, simplifying transactions, and providing access to a broader network of suppliers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the needs of MSMEs, Growsari has earned its place as a trailblazer in the Philippine tech industry.

Gearing up for further expansion and impact, Growsari aims to extend their reach to even more underserved areas, empowering more MSMEs and creating lasting positive change in the lives of Filipino entrepreneurs.

“As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we remain resolute in our mission. And with the launch of Growsari’s two business units, SariMart and SariPay, earlier this year, I am thrilled to see how we can scale our social impact and bring even more value to over 300,000 store partners by the end of the year,” Growsari CEO ER Rollan said.