Software company Spring Valley Tech Corporation (SVTC) and Globe’s business arm have partnered to foster an ecosystem of tech startups, according to Jonathan D. de Luzuriaga, SVTC co-founder and chief executive officer, and Globe Business’s new ambassador.  

“We basically are trying to replicate Silicon Valley of the United States here in the Philippines. This is such an ambitious goal that requires a very supportive and ambitious partner,” he said, in a media roundtable in September.   

The company’s technology hub, headquartered in a 20-hectare township in Bago City, Negros Occidental, has an academy, an advanced research and technology center, and an incubation and training center. Globe will provide infrastructure that will improve connectivity for business facilities and for people who are learning from home.  

Previously, the telco provided Application Programming Interface (API) technology for a month-long coding competition that attracted 50 ICT (information and communications technology) startups.  

Mr. de Luzuriaga said these types of activities help increase the Philippines’ global competitiveness: “The first aspect is talent development — you can’t imagine the amount of digital talent that’s required right now. We [SVTC] grew by 300% in headcount since the start of 2021 … Because of our learners’ lack of mobility, it’s important we provide them with digital solutions so they can fulfill what’s being required of them at their respective universities and colleges.”  

“Companies going online are now very eager for the online transition,” added Mr. De Luzuriaga. “This is a golden opportunity for the industry to partake in what Globe has to offer.” — Brontë H. Lacsamana