As a special Christmas edition, this consumer self‑care packet celebrates the love and light that the holiday brings. While material things bringing temporary happiness abound, this list highlights things that come at a price, but still carry a heart. After all, we all deserve a little indulgence, at least during the season of Christmas bonuses. Reel in the yuletide cheer with these self‑care suggestions.

Art Samantha Gonzales

Tis the season of carbs, and there is no better month to indulge in pan de sal than December. After a full year of subsisting on avocado toast, embrace the classic Filipino favorite. Pan de Manila is pushing it a notch higher. This year, their limited edition paper bags and gift packs will feature the painting of Antipolo‑based artist Noel Mahilum.

The delicacies of the bread chain, of course, are art forms in themselves. Crisply toasted on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, the piping hot pan de sal is a bed of wheat that is best appreciated with a thin spread of butter. Dip it in a cup of Caffe Mocha, and you’re bound to hear the angels singing alleluia.

Drop by the nearest Pan de Manila store in your neighborhood and follow Pan de Manila Official on Facebook and Instagram.

Art Samantha Gonzales

St. Ives Apricot Scrub is iconic, and pretty old. Not that old isn’t good. Old is classic. And the scrub has been tried and tested. But here’s a little twist. St. Ives released an update to their legendary scrub. And it’ll stun you.

Say hello to St. Ives Coconut Oil Scrub and St. Ives Apricot Oil Scrub. This new formula combines the exfoliating properties of a scrub with the gentle nourishment of oil. The antioxidant‑rich face scrub uses 100% grapeseed oil mixed with walnut shell powder, a natural exfoliant.

Unlike the previous version, this has a separate set of directions. You scrub a small amount onto dry skin, rubbing and massaging it gently. After some time, you add a little water and massage further until the oil emulsifies into a milky white substance. After that, you rinse and pat your skin dry.

Sold at ₱399 per bottle, St. Ives Apricot and Coconut Oil Scrubs are available in stores nationwide. For more information, visit

Art Samantha Gonzales

We know you’re counting down the cups of coffee until you get that planner, but hear us out. Nyx just created a Lippe Countdown Advent Calendar that puts any other kind of day‑telling device to shame. Why? Because every day from one to 24 corresponds to a lipstick. Yup. You punch through each number to pick up soft and silky glosses and velvet smooth lip creams. With one lipstick per day until Christmas, you’re gonna be ready to kiss Santa Claus. The Nyx Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar is available at ₱2,900 at Gift it to your girlfriend or buy it for yourself. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.