NETFLIX, INC. is rolling out features that will give parents more control over access to content by allowing them to block individual movies and specific shows.

Users can currently restrict content with only a specific maturity rating by using a numeric password.

The new features will be available globally in the coming months, Mike Hastings, Netflix’s director of enhanced content, wrote in a blog post.

Netflix has more than 100 million users across the world and spends billions of dollars in creating original shows such as The Crown and Stranger Things.

Nudity is common in several of its popular shows such as Sense8, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Those shows, however, come with a “adult” rating.

Netflix added that it will “more prominently” show the maturity level of a film or a series once users play it.

Separately, Netflix released a teaser of the final season of its hit political drama House of Cards, in which Robin Wright plays the role of the first female US president, after Kevin Spacey’s exit from the show.

Netflix cut ties with Spacey, who earlier played protagonist Francis Underwood in the drama, after allegations of sexual misconduct against him. — Reuters