Magnolia Chicken, Pambansang Manok

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Nanette Franco-Diyco

TALK ABOUT HERITAGE! The Magnolia Chicken brand team and Publicis JimenezBasic brought together three of the country’s Miss Universe winners — Pia Wurtzbach, Margie Moran, and Gloria Diaz — for the first time as representatives of the empowered women that Filipinas of all ages can aspire to.

Magnolia Chicken, Pambansang Manok

The empowerment theme was carried out meticulously according to JV Osmeña Madrid, Publicis group account director, pointing out that the material was launched on June 12, Independence Day. He revealed that Magnolia’s strength has always been anchored on home, heritage, and its bank of loyal mothers.

The commercial sparks interest as these three beautiful women don their domestic hats, bringing in their respective partners in scouring the supermarket and making careful choices of brands. Here, the brand pushes its relevance to an emerging target market, the women of today, particularly millennial moms. “Hence, we decided to focus on a brand message that espouses values important to millenial moms like trust, inclusivity, and empowerment, while retaining Magnolia’s brand equities of warmth, home, and heart.”

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, is featured with her mother, revealing that her mother had long advised her “never to settle until she knows what is the best for me.” The woman has been selected by the country’s biggest and most prestigious advertisers to endorse products of the home, projecting her as a well-grounded beauty knowing what is also best for her own life at home. I have identified her with using Downy for her clothes, apart from keeping her money with BDO, and, now, Magnolia Chicken.

Margie Moran, Miss Universe 1973, is shown with her equally beautiful daughter partaking of a Magnolia chicken dish she had prepared in her own home. She expands in the 45-seconder that the choice of brands to cook at home should definitely be of her choice alone as she, of course, demonstrates choosing Magnolia chicken herself. Margie’s advertising exposure has been minimal by choice, so this endorsement for Magnolia Chicken truly serves Magnolia with impact.

Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969, on the other hand, has been a familiar face in the ad industry. Contracting all the three beauties together speaks well for the product endorsed. Gloria is featured in her home kitchen as she pulls out of her freezer a whole Magnolia chicken which she hands over to yet another beauty of a daughter. They are preparing a chicken dish, needless to say.

Director Ianco Dela Cruz brings in non-celebrity housewives at the end of the material after a number of varied chicken dishes that also look so deliciously attractive memorably fill the screen. Here, the art director proves his worth as the unequaled strengths of Magnolia Chicken are written in white in all their pureness on screen. The food stylist went to town here as all the dishes looked great with ingredients’ color contrasts.

Congratulations to Magnolia Chicken with its new Pambasang Manok title aptly carried by the country’s top beauty title holders. Good strategy and creativity!

Credits. Client-company, San Miguel Foods, Inc. — Poultry: F.S. Alejo/Tatish Palabyab/Reggie Baylosis/Jake Lugay/Camille Sabale/Rhoda David. Agency, Publicis Jimenez/Basic: Accounts team: Tats Caluag-Cruz, JV Osmeña Madrid/Minette del Rosario/Lisa Marquez Infante/Lorna M. Ansaldo. Creative team: Trixie F. Diyco/Jao Bautista/Mike Fernando/Ana Alcala/O.J. Desuasido. Planning team: Carlo Jimenez/RJ Torres/Isabel Agoncillo. Broadcast Producers: Datu Gallaga/Alex Villanueva. Print Production: Candice Joslin Flores/Ces de Guzman-Raquel. Final Artwork: Bene Badudies/Marianne Flor/Boy Berin/Wijo Mendoza/Gilbert Ibanez. Production house, PROVIL: Ianco Dela Cruz, director; Chef Theo and staff, food stylist; Abbey Young, caster.

Nanette Franco-Diyco ended her 15th year advertising career as Vice-President of JWT, segueing into the world of academe, teaching communications at the Ateneo de Manila University.