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Philippines drops to 22nd in English proficiency ranking

The Philippines slipped four notches to 22nd out of 111 countries with a score of 578 in the 2022 edition of the English Proficiency Index (EPI) by international education company Education First (EF). The index is the world’s largest ranking of countries/regions by adult English skills published annually which also serves as an international benchmark for adult English proficiency. The country’s EPI score is categorized as “high proficiency,” considered to be sufficient for tasks like making work presentations, understanding TV shows, and reading newspapers. It is above both the world and Asia average score of 502 and 500, respectively. The Philippines ranked second highest in English proficiency in East and Southeast Asia, behind Singapore. In terms of city rankings, Manila placed 26th out of 109 cities in the index with a score of 567 having “high proficiency” in the English language.

Philippines drops to 22<sup>nd</sup> in english proficiency ranking