Shinagawa Healthcare Solutions Corp. is preparing to open a diagnostic and preventive care center in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) next month, the company’s president announced on Thursday.

The Shinagawa Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center will be the first Japan-standard health facility in the Philippines, according to Shinagawa President Masako Uemori.

Patients can have their annual physical examinations done in the morning, get their results after lunch, and then consult their result-related concerns with a doctor before going home, she told reporters.

“The major diseases in the Philippines can be avoided by doing diagnostic tests ahead of time,” she noted. “We believe that investing in preventive care is not only a wise decision but also a responsible one.”

The center will have two floors measuring 1,200 square meters and 1,500 square meters, respectively, Ms. Uemori added. For basic services, it plans to serve 150-200 patients a day.

Fujifilm will bring its equipment to the Shinagawa Diagnostic and Preventive Care Center as part of a collaboration agreement.

These include the Eluxeo Lite 6000, an endoscopy machine with flexible scope options; the Supria 128 Slice CT Scan Machine, which features low-dose scanning capabilities; and the Amulet Innovality, a mammogram machine that produces image intervals of 15 seconds.

The center will also have Fujifilm’s FDR Smart X x-ray machine and its Arietta Series ultrasound machine.

“Tonight is not a mere formality. It’s not just the signing ceremony of a strategic partnership,” said Masahiro Uehara, Fujifilm Philippines president.

“This is a symbolic pitch to the Filipino that we at Fujifilm and Shinagawa have decided to jointly bring up healthcare by ensuring our efforts… deliver high-quality solutions to patients,” he said.

Apart from health checkups, the center will offer brain exams (MRI/MRA), full body exams (CT scan), digestive exams (ultrasound/endoscopy), health exams for women (mammography/ultrasound), laboratory, and allergy tests.

It will likewise partner with health maintenance organizations in the country to lower healthcare costs.

The center is still looking for more physicians, medical technologists, and radiologic technologists to join its team.

“Our commitment to the latest technologies and Japanese standards for medical services has helped us to earn the trust of our patients, and we are proud to continue to deliver exceptional care that exceeds their expectations,” said Ms. Uemori. — Patricia B. Mirasol