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Trends Managed ICT Services (MICTS) offers Managed Security Monitoring Services powered by McAfee

IT security is now regarded as one of the essential components in business operations. Establishments usually involve data on its operations, making it more necessary to keep data safe from cyberattacks like phishing, malware, and ransomware. As a result, heightened IT security increases trust in businesses, which consequently contributes to their credibility and sustains its profitability.

In fact, Microsoft, in the latest volume of its Security Intelligence Report, ranked the Philippines as the 8th most vulnerable country to malware across the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, another software firm found the Philippines to be among the top 5 countries with the highest number of detected online threats.

These figures should already alarm businesses, regardless of the size, to utilize a viable means of securing data.

Yet, for small and medium businesses that might not be able to afford an internal cybersecurity team, they may turn to a more cost-efficient and invaluable security solution that could be outsourced — managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Aside from its notable advantages which include in-depth knowledge, efficiency, and reduced cost, getting an MSSP is a great way to accelerate a company’s journey to cloud technology.

Security software company McAfee, in its Cloud and Risk Adoption Report, found that when customers use a cybersecurity provider to get ahead of risk and fill core security gaps they encounter, they use more cloud and are more likely to experience benefits associated to business acceleration. The research also found that 87% of companies experience business acceleration from using cloud services.


With these advantages, MSSPs are a very helpful partner in ensuring transactions and processes involving data are secured.

Reliable service by McAfee

Businesses can avail of such services from Trends Managed ICT Services (MICTS), especially as it taps McAfee’s MSSP to enable its own Managed Security Monitoring Services.

The use cases of Trends MICTS are built over a Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM), the bedrock of the security monitoring services. This SIEM, also from McAfee, provides a holistic security compliance framework and gives the ability to detect malicious threats, monitor compliance, log collection for forensics and understand the holistic view of security.

A device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, McAfee creates enterprise and consumer solutions that make our world a safer place for the benefit of all. Its holistic, automated, and open security platform and cloud-first approach to building security solutions allow all products to coexist, communicate, and share threat intelligence with each other anywhere in the digital landscape.

Effective solutions from Trends MICTS

As McAfee’s platinum partner, Trends can provide top-of-line and highly customizable IT services and solutions to address your business needs.

Trends MICTS is a comprehensive and customizable service offering capable of addressing your security requirements to suit your business needs in a dynamic tech landscape. The service also uses a holistic approach that integrates each useful solution, which has better value compared to employing silos.

With Trends, businesses can avail of the following benefits: flexible service design and delivery; pay-as-you-go consumption; best-in-class technology; skilled and competent IT professionals; improved efficiency and security investments; faster response and reduced threat exposure; multi-tenancy management; world-class Network and Security Operations Center; and global technical expertise and threat intelligence.

Trends offers 24×7 proactive Security Monitoring Services coming from its round-the-clock Trends Operations Center (TOC). Trends’ Security Monitoring Services consist of use cases such as Advance Malware Defense Monitoring, Boundary Defense Monitoring, Asset Vulnerability Monitoring, Privilege Account Monitoring, and Sensitive Data Exfiltration Monitoring.

It also includes detection (analysis and investigation) and response which includes notification and recommendation on how to contain, eradicate, and recover from a security incident based on applicable use cases for your business.

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