ABOITIZLAND is launching its mobile app that would streamline the contactless home-buying process amid the pandemic.

In a statement, the property firm said it is updating the Vecino Portal, a mobile application that provides efficient end-to-end online services for homebuyers.

With the app, homebuyers can track the construction status and payments, get home construction updates, access documents, and schedule acceptance and turnover dates.

“A critical process in real estate is the turnover of the unit for the vecinos (Spanish for neighbor). We found a way to complete this process amidst the pandemic through online turnovers,” said AboitizLand CEO David L. Rafael in a statement.

The Vecino app will be updated to make it easier for buyers and sales partners “to reserve units, submit documentary requirements, complete monthly amortizations and apply for a housing loan.”

“Through the use of data science and artificial intelligence (DSAI), AboitizLand will employ systems and processes that will pave the way for improved customer service. Apart from investing in various digital tools to automate critical areas in their operations, the company will also rationalize routine processes potentially through Robotic Process Automation,” the company said.

AboitizLand partnered with sister company Union Bank of the Philippines on an improved customer profiling system and a predictive model that will detect construction delays.