TO CELEBRATE the holidays, Jim Beam has introduced a special tin pack available at S&R for P1,438. The pack consists of the tin as well as two one-liter bottles of Jim Beam, the world’s No. 1 bourbon. The tin itself can be used as an ice bucket while the lid can be used as a garnish tray.

“My family has been bringing people together with our bourbon for generations, so now is the perfect time to raise a glass to our extended family — the fans who have been enjoying Jim Beam with us along the way,” said Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s 7th generation master distiller, in a statement.

The tin pack is an ideal starter kit to make your own Jim Beam Highball; a pleasantly refreshing drink made with Jim Beam bourbon, soda, ice, and ingredients of your choice. The Classic Jim Beam Highball, for example, is made with Jim Beam, soda water, ice, and lemon (recipe below). A festive spin on the iconic drink is the Apple Cinnamon Jim Beam Highball. Aside from lemon juice, it’s made with muddled red apples for tartness and sweetened with cinnamon syrup before adding the Jim Beam bourbon into the mix.

The Jim Beam tin pack is available throughout the holiday season at all S&R branches nationwide and at the official Lazada shop at — JLG

Jim Beam Citrus Highball


45 ml Jim Beam White

20 ml fresh lemon juice

Soda water

Crushed ice

Slice of lemon

Sprig of rosemary

Pour 45ml of Jim Beam White over a packed glass of ice.

Add 20ml of fresh lemon juice.

Top with cold soda water.

Stir with a long spoon; garnish with a lemon slice and a sprig of rosemary.

Tip: for a holiday-themed drink, add muddled red apples and cinnamon syrup before topping off with the bourbon.