A CORSET that claims to burn fat as you wear it? According to a beauty queen, it’s possible.

During Singapore’s Digital Fashion week late last month, Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez, along with homegrown shapewear brand Adam & Eve, presented their corsets and shapers via Facebook Live. The presentation also made a case for positive self-image.

While before the 20th century, women would squeeze themselves into corsets, a more democratic world simply uses brassieres and girdles to achieve women’s desired shape. Adam & Eve’s items claim to be breathable and flexible, aware that women now are able and want to move (for example, some of their shapers are actually used for working out).

“There are already a number of shapewear products right now, but Adam & Eve is the first ever in the country that really took the time to research the most effective technology to burn fats and contour [the body], that they can incorporate into their personal style,” said Iya Miranda, Brand Manager for Adam & Eve. The brand was founded last year by Elaine Huang.

The secret is in the fabric. The shapewear uses Carvico Revolutional Slim fabric, which is infused with caffeine, fatty acids, retinol/Vitamin A, and aloe. It is claimed that the fabric is able to burn fat and help the user lose weight — provided that they wear it next to their skin for no less than eight hours in a day. These are the instructions both on the Philippine website, adam-eve.ph, and that of the Italian manufacturer of the fabric, carvico.com. The brand offers a series of body shapers, waist cinchers, thigh slimmers, fitness shapers, and lingerie, with prices ranging from P185 for the panties, and up to P7,750 for the Bodysuit Shaper.

“Our core as a brand is advocating self-love,” said Ms. Miranda. “It might be cliche, but you do start feeling better with your self-image when you truly are comfortable with your body.”

Before buying one though, Ms. Miranda says, “It’s very important that we assess the clothing style of the wearer, and [their] size and measurements, so that we will be able to offer different types of shapewear.”

For example, a woman who is constantly in long-sleeved tops and trousers would benefit from the full bodysuit shaper, with sleeves, so she can shape her arms underneath her clothes. For different body types, different garments are needed: a pear-shaped woman (narrow torso and wide hips) would benefit from purchasing an item that would slim down her legs.

Meanwhile, beauty queen Ms. Rodriguez said that she wished she had known about the brand two years ago, because she had to look for a waist trainer herself from another brand, which she wore under her gowns. Despite winning numerous contests (aside from Miss World Philippines, Ms. Rodriguez also had a stint as Miss Intercontinental Philippines, and placed third in the second season of the TV show Asia’s Next Top Model), Ms. Rodriguez said that her positive self-image isn’t turned on 24/7. “There are many days even, especially when it’s that time of the month, and you just want to eat everything.

“Everybody should try and attain a positive outlook for themselves, not just physically, but how you feel about yourself,” she said.

Visit adam-eve.ph to view the products. — JLG