THE DEPARTMENT of Health (DoH) reported 1,657 new coronavirus infections on July 27, bringing the country’s total to 82,040.

Recoveries are at 26,446 with 359 additional patients who have gotten well.

The death toll is at 1,945 with 16 more deaths, according to Monday’s bulletin.

Of the total, 53,649 are active cases. Of which, 90% are mild, 9.1% asymptomatic, 0.5% severe, and 0.4% are critical.

The DoH said more than 1.2 million individuals have been tested as of July 27.

The department said the case fatality rate is at 2.37%, which indicates the Philippines is “faring better” as this is lower that the 3.91% rate globally.

Positivity rate, however, was at 8.92%, higher than the benchmark set by the World Health Organization at less than 5%.

The reproduction number of the disease is at 1.044 as of July 5, meaning one person can infect around one more person. — Vann Marlo M. Villegas