A TOTAL of 57,936 relocation housing units out of the 90,148 target in Western Visayas have been completed for those affected by typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) that struck the central part of the country in Nov. 2013. “I know it has taken so many years for this program, but by year 2020 we will finish all the housing projects for Yolanda,” Cabinet Secretary and Inter-agency Task Force Yolanda Chair Karlo Alexei B. Nograles, speaking in mixed English and Filipino, said during Tuesday’s turnover ceremony for 5,439 completed houses to the beneficiaries. “We are really on track… If we include the ongoing constructions, we are going at 93.5% already,” said Mr. Nograles, who was appointed Nov. 2018. He said one of the main challenges of the program was the remote location of housing sites. In some cases, he said, it was difficult to get contractors for the construction work. The task force is working with various departments to make each site a “livable” community. “Our vision is, at the very least, there should be a school building nearby, electricity supply, water, and hopefully a health unit,” Mr. Nograles said. The houses turned over this week were in the following areas: Carles, Iloilo; Panit-an, Capiz; Altavas, Aklan; and Culasi, Antique. Beltran J. Aclo, president of the homeowners association of one project in Carles, said they used to stay in their houses that were damaged by Yolanda. “We are really happy and thankful that we received this project. As the beneficiaries, we promise to take care of the houses,” he said. — Emme Rose Santiagudo