THE NATIONAL Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has arrested eight Chinese nationals and a Filipino in Las Piñas City for alleged kidnapping, it said in a statement yesterday.

The case stems from a complaint filed by the wife of the victim, whom the suspects abducted in Okada Manila. The men then asked him to call his friends and relatives so they can raise a P2 million ransom, government agents said.

A relative of the victim in China managed to send P500,000 to the suspects, who refused to release him unless the amount was paid in full.

The NBI said the victim had a chance to use a mobile phone and was able to send his exact location to his wife.

Government agents rescued the victim and seven others in a residential house in Manuela 4-A Subdivision in Las Piñas City, according to the statement. The NBI seized several firearms during the raid.

The suspects were subjected to inquest proceedings at the Office of the City Prosecutor in Las Piñas for kidnapping and serious illegal detention charges. They also face illegal gun possession charges. — VMV