A PROPOSED solar farm in Sarangani province has been added to the Department of Energy’s (DoE) list of energy projects of national significance, making it eligible to all the perks that come with the certification.
The Energy Investment Coordinating Council (EICC), which the DoE leads, has informed Total Power, Inc. that its 100-megawatt (MW) peak TPI Sarangani Solar Power Project has been granted the certificate of energy project of national significance (CEPNS).
The solar farm, which is in the pre-development phase, is set to benefit from the rights, terms and conditions extended to those with a CEPNS, including action on the project application within 30 working days.
The EICC sent the written notification to Jack Tan, Total Power president and chief executive officer, on Dec. 20, 2018. The company becomes the 10th project to be issued the certificate.
Patrick T. Aquino, one of the DoE’s directors and head of the EICC secretariat, told Mr. Tan that the project would also enjoy presumption of prior approval, which means that it is presumed to have already complied with the requirements and permits from other government permitting agencies.
The EICC was created pursuant to Executive Order 30, which was issued on June 28, 2017, in order to spearhead and coordinate efforts to harmonize, integrate and streamline the regulatory processes and relevant forms in the development of nationally significant energy investments.
The council is chaired by a representative from the DoE and is composed of representatives from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, National Electrification Administration, National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, and National Power Corp.
It is also comprised of the Department of Finance, Department of Justice, Department of Transportation, Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board and other agencies whose participation may be deemed necessary by the council.
Mr. Aquino informed Total Power that the project is deemed approved if no action was made five days after the lapse of the 30-working day period for processing of the application.
Mr. Tan was required to submit a CEPNS monitoring document every 10th of the succeeding month to the EICC secretariat detailing the progress of the implementation of the project with respect to its permitting requirements.
Mr. Aquino said the DoE in the exercise of its supervisory power has the right to amend, alter or revoke the CEPNS for the pre-development phase in cases of irregularity and violations in the conditions for which the certificate was issued.
The DoE previously said that the attributes of a nationally significant project include a capital investment of P3.5 billion; contribution to the country’s economic development; economic impact; and potential contribution to the country’s balance of payment, among others. — Victor V. Saulon