HERE ARE some of the trends to look out for next year, as presented in Manila Fashion Fest’s runway.
1. Big on Sleeves: The trend adds dimension to many an outfit, and gives it structure. More elaborate sleeves are achieved by designers with materials like tulle, or else with a focus on silhouette and structure.
2. Marabou Feathers: We saw this on a lot of collections, with the light, bright feathers lending movement and a tremble to hemlines and necklines.
3. Flow and Verve: Trailing sleeves and trains were seen a lot on the runway, and if you’re willing to accept a little bit of dust on your clothing for floor-sweeping dramatic entrances, then by all means, enjoy.
4. Silhouettes of the Past: Fashion seems to move slowly these days, and any new excitement is provided not by innovation, but wise retrospection. It’s surprising that some designers decided to go way back, and included themes of Victorian and Edwardian dressing in their designs.
5. Pink and white: The dainty color combination actually speaks to the strength of a woman, telling the wearer that she does not need to hide her femininity, and instead be proud of it. The combination works best with a soft white and a dusty pink. — JLG