DAVAO CITY — A research project evaluating the use of wild sage to treat Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is up for final technical assessment, which would open the door for an additional P5-million grant.
The study’s proponent is Nelyn Mae T. Cadotdot, a researcher from the University of Immaculate Conception (UIC) in Davao City who is among the first batch of beneficiaries under the Department of Science and Technology-Regional Health Research and Development Consortium-Davao’s (DoST-RHRDC-11) Mentorship Program.
“The research was defended before the technical panel of RHRDC and the proponent is revising her paper. When it’s revised, it will be submitted again to the technical panel and if it passes, it would be eligible to apply for funding. The final assessment will be in early June,” Ludivina M. Porticos, director of the UIC science resource center, told the media in a forum last week.
Ms. Porticos said the project was initially lined up for regional funding, but given the P5-million cost required, it will be endorsed to the Philippine Council on Health Research and Development.
The amount will cover the purchase of a High Performance Liquid Chromatograph to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture.
“If a fraction collector is made available as an accessory to that HPLC, then the active components of the (wild sage) leaf extract can be separated into fractions, and each fraction can be tested for bio activity,” Ms. Porticos said.
Ms. Cadotdot’s research looks into the “mechanism of action” before and after administering the leaf extract against HIV.
Meanwhile, the RHRDC-11 is calling for applicants for its 2nd Mentorship Program this year, with 10 slots available for pharmaceutical researchers.
Each researcher will get an initial P10,000, and studies with high application potential could be funded by the DoST regional office with up to P1 million.
Deadline for submission of documents is June 29. — Maya M. Padillo