ELECTRIC VEHICLE (EV) company Gogoro Philippines said it is working on getting a zero-tariff incentive for two-wheeled vehicles, an incentive authorized by the EV law but not by a recent executive order (EO).

“We are working on that, to also get the two-wheeled EVs as part of those that will benefit from zero tariff,” Gogoro Philippines Chief Executive Officer Bernard P. Llamzon said in an interview with ANC.

“That will allow us (to have) competitive pricing for smart scooters and push faster adoption of two-wheeled EVs in the Philippines,” he said.

He also said that once the company scales up, it will be discussing with Gogoro Taiwan plans to operate manufacturing or assembly plants in the Philippines.

Gogoro Philippines is a partnership between Ayala Corp., Globe Telecom, Inc.’s 917Ventures and EV company Gogoro, Inc. which has a 90% market share of two-wheeled EVs in Taiwan.

According to Mr. Llamzon, government support is driving faster EV adoption elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

“You see, a lot more of the different countries in and around the region are actually getting faster adoption for EVs and that’s basically supported with a lot of government subsidies,” he said.

“(The subsidy also) allows the lowering to a more manageable level of scooter retail prices, while (the resulting scale) that comes with expanded adoption has allowed manufacturers to get local production going,” he added.

Earlier this year, President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. signed EO No. 12, which modified the import duties on selected electric vehicles under Republic Act No. 10863 or Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

Under EO 12, the tariffs will be removed for five years, while rates on parts and components will be reduced.

However, Mr. Llamzon said that the EO does not cover two-wheeled vehicles.

“The EV Industry Development Act, which was passed in April 2022, specified zero tariffs for all EVs. However, the recent EO that came out unfortunately did not include two-wheeled EVs among those that can avail of zero tariff,” he said.

In the fourth quarter, Gogoro Philippines will be launching a showroom which it calls an “experience center” for the start of its commercial operations.

“There is a lot more in store for our customers and for the general public before the year ends,” Mr. Llamzon said. — Justine Irish D. Tabile