THE Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has included barangays in the list of taxpayers required to file returns through electronic forms.

The BIR’s Revenue Regulations (RR) No. 4-2023, issued on Monday, further expands the categories of taxpayer required to file tax returns through electronic BIR forms (eBIRForms).

Local government units, including barangays, are now covered by the rule. The previous regulations excluded barangays.

Other taxpayers required to file tax returns through eBIRForms are accredited tax agents and/or practitioners and all its client-taxpayers, accredited printers of principal and supplementary receipts/invoices, one-time transaction taxpayers classified as real estate dealers or developers, and those considered habitually engaged in the sale of real property and regular taxpayers already covered by eBIR forms.

It also covers those who intend to file a “no payment return,” government-owned or -controlled corporations, and cooperatives registered with the National Electrification Administration and Local Water Utilities Administration.

In RR No. 6-2014, the BIR said that the eBIRForms were developed to “provide taxpayers, particularly the non-electronic filing and payment system filers, with an accessible and convenient service (allowing) easy preparation of tax returns.”

“The use of eBIRForms will improve the BIR’s tax return data capture and storage thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the filing of tax returns,” it added. — Luisa Maria Jacinta C. Jocson