INTERNATIONAL logistics and shipping firm DHL Express is planning to further expand its operations in the Philippines, its top official said.

“We’re the market leader in the Philippines now. We’ve expanded our gateway and service centers in the Philippines, and we’ll continue to do so,” DHL Express Chief Executive Officer John Pearson said in an interview with Businessworld.

Last year, DHL Express opened a 4,768-square-meter service center in Pasig City amid increasing demand for deliveries. The facility includes three warehouses, a customer retail outlet, and material handling equipment.

The company’s aircraft are operational through the Manila gateway and Cebu, which commenced operations in 2019.

DHL Express also upgraded its dedicated aircraft in the Philippines, increasing its capacity to 55 tons.

With 12 weekly flights, it serves the Hong Kong-Manila-Cebu-Manila-Hong Kong route.

“Between those two things and making sure we’ve got the right aviation network into and out of the Philippines, (this) gives best possible quality and efficiency for our customers,” Mr. Pearson said.

“As we grow, we need to continue to invest in facilities, and Philippines is no exception to that,” he said.

He also said that the continued growth in parcel volume would drive increased investments in the Philippines.

“Because without growth in volumes, we don’t need new facilities. We can’t spruce up our existing conveyor, material handling equipment, and our facility to cater to a country that’s not growing very easily.”

The company allocates up to €1.5 billion annually to the expansion of its global aviation hubs, gateways, or service centers.

“(We use) €1-1.5 billion, depending on the year. Some of that is directed towards Asia, and within Asia, some of it is directed towards the Philippines,” he added. — A.H. Halili