STOCK PHOTO | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said it is optimistic about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) reporting solutions to improve operational efficiency in trade and ease of doing business in the Philippines.

“Palantir is a promising tool for the Philippines as we leverage cutting-edge technology for operational efficiency in our cross-border trade, ease-of-doing business, and trade facilitation,” DTI Secretary Alfredo E. Pascual said in a statement.

On the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Week 2023, Mr. Pascual and President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. met with the executives of US software company Palantir Technologies, Inc. to discuss intelligent reporting solutions.

During the meeting, the DTI said the US firm presented its proficiency in integrating diverse data points and employing AI or machine learning models to generate actionable and real-time intelligence.

This information, they said, can be applied both to maritime border security and cross-border trade tracking.

Palantir previously collaborated with the US government in areas such as CoronaVirus 2019 vaccine distribution.

“The company emphasized the platform’s rapid deployment and collaborative capabilities, underlining its compatibility with existing and envisioned platforms for the Philippines,” Mr. Pascual said.

Mr. Pascual also met with Silicon Valley technology companies to discuss potential partnerships in harnessing AI technology to upskill Filipino workers.

He said that a collaborative effort between the public and private stakeholders should be undertaken to be able to future-proof the Filipino workforce.

“Since these digitalization efforts demand a shared responsibility, it is imperative that an alliance be formed that capitalizes on the strengths of both sectors,” he said.

“As the government employs a whole-of-society approach, we urge our partners from the local and global industry to work with us in ensuring an inclusive economic development,” he added.

He said that among the country’s competitive advantages is the implementation of the AI roadmap as well as its over 50 tech startups using AI. — Justine Irish D. Tabile