TWO new airlines are set to start operating flights to and from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said on Thursday.

In a media release, it said that Greater Bay Airlines and Batik Air are expected to offer their flights at NAIA, after the launch of HK Express and United Airlines’ direct flights last month.

“We are pleased to welcome Greater Bay Airlines and Batik Air to NAIA’s growing roster of air carriers. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing passengers with an even broader range of travel options,” MIAA Officer-in-Charge Bryan Andersen C. Co said in a statement.

Greater Bay Airlines will offer its Hong Kong-Manila flights five times a week beginning Nov. 9, while Malaysia-based Batik Air is expected to offer its daily Kuala Lumpur and Manila flights on Dec. 1, MIAA said.

The addition of the two airlines brings the total number of carriers hosted by NAIA to 48 — comprising 42 international carriers, which serve 57 international destinations.

“Apart from expanding the range of destinations for Filipinos and international guests flying to and from NAIA, we also seek to diversify our airline roster, ultimately benefiting passengers who will have access to more affordable and competitive airfares,” Mr. Co said.

Mr. Co said that the airlines’ addition to NAIA’s roster of carriers has a “significant impact” on the airport’s connectivity.

He cited the airport’s “connectivity as new airlines strengthen Manila’s position among the most internationally connected airports in the world.”

Mr. Co was referring to the 2023 Megahubs Index report compiled by OAG, a global travel data provider, which placed NAIA as the 15th most connected report.

“We will continue to harmonize our procedures and coordination to enhance our capacity to accommodate even more carriers and flights and leverage the use of digital technologies to further this cause,” he said. — Ashley Erika O. Jose