JOYRIDE Ecommerce Technologies Corp. has invested roughly P32 million for the pilot launch of its “Super Taxi” this year, the company’s top official said.

“Just to give you an idea, one unit of Veloz costs around P1.1 million plus the retrofitting cost, so that is around P1.3 million,” Jose Emmanuel M. Eala, senior vice-president for corporate affairs, said in a press briefing on Wednesday.

He said the investment includes the added technology enhancement.

JoyRide has deployed its 25 Super Taxis in Metro Manila, while it also plans to ramp up its fleet next year.

“JoyRide Super Taxi provides another efficient and dependable mode of public transport to commuters taxi service and elevating the public’s commuting experience standards,” Mr. Eala said.

JoyRide’s SuperTaxi is a metered service that can be booked through its app.

“With a mission to revolutionize the transportation landscape in the Philippines, JoyRide is committed to empowering commuters by providing accessible and innovative technology-driven mobility solutions,” JoyRide said.

Further, Mr. Eala said that the planned fleet expansion will depend on how soon Toyota can release the units, as the company’s SuperTaxi will use the carmaker’s Veloz unit.

“Our planned expansion already has fund allocations,” Mr. Eala said, adding that he is hoping to increase the current 25 units to a “level where the Super Taxi is accessible to the public.” — Ashley Erika O. Jose