Globe Telecom, Inc. targets to register 100% of its revenue-generating customer base within the 90-day extension period, as it has now registered around 85% of active users of subscriber identity modules (SIM).

“We intend to have 100% of our revenue-generating base fully registered within the 90-day extension. We are confident that we can achieve this with the initiatives that we are taking,” said Darius Jose Delgado, head of Globe’s consumer mobile business, in a statement.

Republic Act No. 11934 or the SIM Registration Act requires all SIM users to register their SIMs under their name until April 26, or risk SIM deactivation. The deadline has since been extended.

Globe said that it noticed a slowdown in SIM registration volume after the announcement of the 90-day extension.

“Our SIM registration volume has indeed decreased since the announcement of the extension a few weeks back and we see that phenomenon actually being consistent across all players in the market,” he said during the company’s online first-quarter briefing.

The latest data from the National Telecommunications Commission show that as of May 13, a total of 95.71 million subscribers have already registered. This is 56.96% of the 168.02 million total subscribers nationwide.

Around 45.29 million of the total SIMs registered are from Smart Telecommunications, Inc., 44.01 million from Globe, and 6.4 million from DITO Telecommunity Corp. 

Smart still leads in terms of the percentage of SIMs registered at 68.31%, followed by Globe at 50.74%, and DITO at 42.76%.

Meanwhile, Mr. Delgado said that the company is still seeking for conditional registration from the NTC and the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

“We applaud the government for extending the SIM registration deadline, as this gives millions of our unregistered customers more time to comply with the law,” he said.

“But we continue to ask for conditional registration that will allow us to accept other forms of identification such as school IDs and company IDs. This will help our customers who do not yet have a government ID to register across our channels,” he added.

Mr. Delgado previously said that Globe saw lower registrations in the rural areas of Visayas and Mindanao, to which it is planning to scale up registration sites together with local government units. — Justine Irish DP. Tabile