LOPEZ-led First Gen Corp. announced on Monday that it will power Hocheng Philippines Corp. through its renewable energy arm, Energy Development Corp. (EDC).

In a statement, EDC said that Hocheng Philippines, a bathroom solutions provider, will continue its commitment to cleaner energy by renewing its power supply deal with EDC for its 850-kilowatt power demand.

“We are confident that First Gen can help meet our goals by providing efficient electricity through their low-carbon footprint resources. Furthermore, we are exploring solar rooftop projects to complement our geothermal source of power,” said Eugene Lin, senior vice-president and officer-in-charge of Hocheng Philippines.

Hocheng Philippines targets to decarbonize its operations through renewables. The company said it also offers some innovations through its product to save water consumption.

“Aside from the use of renewable energy, we have several initiatives that contribute to the company’s green and decarbonization objectives,” Mr. Lin said.

Hocheng Philippines has a 10-hectare plant in First Cavite Industrial Estate.

EDC is sourcing renewable energy from its geothermal facility whose output is considered baseload energy. The company’s renewable energy brand is called Geo 24/7.

On its website, EDC said that it has an installed renewable energy capacity of 1,476.59 megawatts (MW). It also said geothermal energy is the company’s major power source at an installed capacity of 1,181.8 MW or 61.3% of the country’s total. — Ashley Erika O. Jose