In light of the COVID-19 situation, we at Kumu are releasing the Kumu Lives Streaming Service, so that–despite the mandated quarantine—the lives of Filipinos will go on: people in schools, churches, and in other big groups.

Kumu is engineered specifically for Filipino internet, so there is no delay unlike other platforms. We believe that livestreaming can help our countrymen continue their lives, given the current situation.

We are extending this service to help individuals, groups, private, and public entities to help find a solution to events, schedules, and all other social engagements that have been impacted by the nation’s situation. As a live streaming platform, Kumu realizes its responsibility in that and opens our doors to collaborate with anyone who are still unsure on how to proceed in the coming days.

“If a personal or business event has been affected by COVID-19, just reach out to and the Kumu team will support you in setting up your livestream,” said Roland Ros, Kumu’s founder.

Kumu aims to help hold gatherings for a few, or thousands of Filipinos by conducting private livestreams for free through our app, which is available for download on Google Play or the App Store.

“The initial inspiration came from churches, bands, and schools tagging us on social media and reaching out to us,” Roland said. “We’re actually already working with a few groups like The Favor Church to continue their worship in this situation, and we’re still looking for more organizations like universities and government offices to work with and help continue their lives.”

As an example, Philippine indie band IV of Spades are partnering up with Kumu, as well as Red Bull, to hold their first-ever live stream stage on March 19th, 2020. Thanks to the magic of live streaming, fans of the band will be able to catch the band’s performances held especially for the platform.