A nation whose progress is backed by strong, steady, clean and sustainable power—that is the vision of Energy Development Corporation (EDC), the Philippines’ leading renewable energy company.
Now on its 43rd year, EDC continues to pioneer a future of infinite possibilities through clean, alternative sources of energy such as geothermal, wind, hydro and solar. To date, EDC generates more than 20% of the total renewables in the country’s energy mix. The company’s strong focus and over 40-year head start on geothermal power has also placed the Philippines on the global energy map by making it one of the world’s largest
geothermal producers.

Geothermal Power Plants in Mindanao

EDC’s geothermal plants in Bicol, Leyte, Mindanao, and Southern Negros are paragons not only of efficient and reliable renewable energy production, but also of thriving, sustainable communities. In these sites, the environmental benefits of renewable energy are showcased and at the same time continually propagated. EDC
works hand in hand with the communities it operates in to create sustainable livelihood, enhance local government services, and conserve natural resources.
Palinpinon-1 Geothermal Power Plant in Negros Oriental

As part of its proactive stance toward climate change, EDC’s reforestation and biodiversity restoration program BINHI has planted 6.3 million trees and restored 9,196 hectares of denuded land across the Philippines. This has led to the sequestration of 31, 721 tons of CO2e. All in all, EDC is a proud carbon-negative Filipino enterprise—with its carbon footprint of 807,061 tCO2e only 30% of the total 3.6 million tCO2e carbon absorption of the forests and plantations it has nurtured in the past four decades.
For all these, EDC has been on the global Carbon Clean 200 list since 2017 — a compendium that recognizes the largest publicly listed companies that make it possible for the world to transition and progress into a clean energy future. It is the first and only Philippine company to be given such recognition.
Burgos Wind Power Farm in Ilocos Norte

With all such bright and encouraging prospects, EDC continues to guide the way to the reality of a fully sustainable and cost competitive renewable energy base for the country — one that is accessible to power consumers; one that keeps the lights on round-the-clock for burgeoning businesses and industries; one that improves and saves lives by powering hospitals, airports and vital public facilities 24-7; and one that keeps the air and waters clean for many generations of Filipinos to come.