It’s very hard to go wrong with a sport utility vehicle (SUV) when buying a new car. There are a lot of upsides: the versatility of having an on- and off-road vehicle; the impressive designs that exude power and confidence while driving; and the spacious cabins that can promise comfort and safety wherever you go.

The real question is: Which SUV should you choose? The Philippines’ SUV segment is a competitive market replete with options. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ones out to help you pick out your next vehicle.

Honda CR-V

A testament to the perfect balance of form and function, the Honda CR-V remains one of the most popular SUVs out in the market. With a distinctively sporty look, Honda’s crossover flagship features a classy and innovative design that is as perfectly suited to traversing the urban jungles of Metro Manila as it is driving through any other terrain.

The CR-V, short for Comfortable Runabout Vehicle, is held in high regard as one of the pioneering models in the Philippine SUV segment, and features a sophisticated interior fitted with leather-trimmed seats and Driver’s Seat Memory capabilities to ensure a comfortable and refined experience within its cabin. With its 1.6 i-DTEC turbodiesel engine mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission with Electronic Gear Selector, and many model variants to choose from, the CR-V is a worthy and flexible choice for an on and off-road vehicle.

Lexus LX

Those looking for the ultimate in on-road and off-road luxury may find what they need in Lexus’ impressive full-size SUV offering. With a deluxe interior and seating fit for eight passengers, the LX series is built for the best experience in urban comfort and off-road ruggedness. The lavish and refined design of the LX SUVs creates a powerful impression that commands presence both on asphalt roads and rocky countryside.

Offering outstanding capability and maximum comfort, the LX is powered by V8 engine and a confidence-inspiring four-wheel drive. The car’s advanced suspension system also gives it a consistently smooth ride quality in a variety of conditions, allowing the LX to outclass its competition in providing a luxurious, worry-free experience. In essence, the LX series of SUVs are a league all on their own and a great choice for those who can afford them.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

The popular Montero Sport is Mitsubishi’s tribute to dynamic and sophisticated SUV design. Whether riding through unpaved terrain or on rough city streets, the Montero Sport promises a premium experience through comfortable and accessible functionality.

Offering great value for money, the Montero Sport provides a sophisticated interior specially designed with comfort in mind. Passengers can enjoy a smooth, relaxing ride with the vehicle’s leather contoured seats and multi-layer cushioning. In terms of performance, the Montero Sport is powered by a 2.4L 4-cylinder DOHC 16V MIVEC VG Turbocharged clean diesel power plant, capable of achieving high power output while maintaining both low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Lastly, with sharp lined features and the brand’s benchmark Dynamic Shield Design, the Montero Sport evokes a distinctive presence wherever it goes, whether within the city or without.

Suzuki Vitara

The newest generation of the Suzuki Vitara is the Japanese carmaker’s latest subcompact crossover model to hit Philippine shores. Smaller than its predecessor, the Vitara makes driving in tight roads of cities and rugged rural roads a breeze. With a history spanning decades, Suzuki reshapes its SUV legacy with an aggressive yet sleek design that incorporates modern elements like wraparound LED headlamps, a large grille, and a muscular bumper.

Specifically designed to appeal to a new generation of adventurers, the Vitara aims to provide the best value in terms of design, performance and fuel efficiency. Drivers can freely express their individuality and personalize their vehicles with the model’s wide array of colors and accessory packages. A perfect option for those looking for a dependable, personal companion in adventure.

Toyota Fortuner

One of the most renowned SUV models in the market, the Toyota Fortuner has garnered significant attention for providing a long legacy of premium and dependable service as an off-road powerhouse. The Fortuner’s distinguished exterior and fascia projects a sleek and edgy presence on the road, while the spacious and cozy interior of dark brown, black, and wood trims radiates class and elegance.

As a name with a lot of history behind it, SUV buyers will have a lot of variants to choose from, from small but powerful diesel engines to the gasoline 2.7L dual VVT-i engine. Not only that, the Fortuner boasts a gamut of safety options from stability control to trailer sway control, in addition to customizability options that allow customers to personalize their chosen model to their heart’s content. Toyota’s reliable and ever-present midsize SUV remains one of the carmakers’ bestselling models, and for good reason. — Bjorn Biel M. Beltran